New Moon in Libra Watch now (1 min) | This New Moon in Libra calls us to deep dive into setting intentions of how to find more harmony in our lives. Libra is an air sign so we have a desire for intellectual balance. We may find this with our closest friends, lovers, or business partners.
The cosmic energy is at an all time high and it is what we do with it that truly counts. It is about our awareness and how we choose to tune into these…
Look at that. I missed the Virgo New Moon as the day it was happening (August 27th) I was doing so many things for my kids, for my routine, and really…
Full Moon in AquariusWatch now (11 min) | Full Moon conjunct Saturn, Update on this transit in LB's life, & video readings for VIP subscribers
New Moon in Leo - 7/28/22Listen now (8 min) | Welcome to the New Moon in Leo! What a time to tap into a new cycle. A cycle that brings creativity, self expression, and…
Celestial Energy 7.13.22
Celestial Energy of the Day 6.28.22
Welcome to the Sagittarius Full Moon. We are right in the midst of Gemini season which brings so much chatty energy. We are socializing, connecting, and…
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