Jul 28, 2022 • 8M

New Moon in Leo - 7/28/22

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Laura Beth Finley
In this show, Cosmic Wisdom's will take you on a journey for the soul. Using astrology, intuition, and hypnotherapy to move blocks in her work, Laura Beth Finley is here to share the Cosmic Wisdoms of healing, transformation, and deep inner work to support integrative wellness.
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Welcome to the New Moon in Leo!

What a time to tap into a new cycle. A cycle that brings creativity, self expression, and potentially romance.

Be sure to tune into the podcast audio for the full scoop on this New Moon. You do not want to miss the update!

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Readings by Rising Sign

Tune into these readings by your rising sign which will help you have a better idea of how this current New Moon in Leo impacts your chart / life.

Find out your rising or ascendant sign here.

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