My name is Laura Beth. I am a holistic momma of 3 beautiful children, an astrologer, transpersonal & trauma focused hypnotherapist, and mystic. I am so passionate about the work that I do, because it has helped me find healing. My search and hunger to grow in my life and in my career with astrology has been LIFE CHANGING!

I am currently a student at MISPA in the Psychological Astrology Diploma program and I have big plans to move forward and show my children that they can achieve their dreams and become anything they want.

I love to sing, dance, write, and play. I am learning and navigating a path that connects me more deeply to the creative energy of my inner child.

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Horoscope Writer, Mystic Astrologer, Transpersonal & Trauma Focused Hypnotherapist, Holistic Momma of 3, Psychological Astrology Student @MISPA
Momma🌙 Astrologer Psychic Unschooler Conscious Coparenting Postpartum/Breastfeeding Doula