Apr 8, 2021 • 1HR 15M

Lost and Found Soul Connections

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Laura Beth Finley
In this show, Cosmic Wisdom's will take you on a journey for the soul. Using astrology, intuition, and hypnotherapy to move blocks in her work, Laura Beth Finley is here to share the Cosmic Wisdoms of healing, transformation, and deep inner work to support integrative wellness.
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In this episode, we go on a journey with Joy Lee.  She tells her story of her memory loss that inspired a great awakening to heal her life.  In this  confusing time she reconnects with her long lost cousin, (me) Laura Beth.  The synchronicities, magic, and soul connection that is shared between us are literally out of this world.  We also have a very special announcement that is forever changing our lives as family.  In this episode we also share the way our ancestors bring magic to our lives.