Aug 26, 2021 • 1HR 7M

Healing the Brain with Hypnotherapy

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Laura Beth Finley
In this show, Cosmic Wisdom's will take you on a journey for the soul. Using astrology, intuition, and hypnotherapy to move blocks in her work, Laura Beth Finley is here to share the Cosmic Wisdoms of healing, transformation, and deep inner work to support integrative wellness.
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In this episode, I discuss transpersonal and trauma focused hypnotherapy and the way it brings healing to the brain by creating new neuropathways.  Tune in for a deeper journey and a powerful introduction to profound healing. 

Transpersonal & Trauma Focused Hypnotherapy (TTFH) is a therapeutic modality that is helpful for overcoming certain issues that show up in our lives that may be linked to past traumatic experiences. Often, this link goes back to childhood where traumatic experiences “wired in” certain psychological and physiological reactions and responses for survival, along with subsequent negative beliefs and behaviors, also for survival. As adults, these same patterns that once “saved us” (e.g., dissociating, isolating, fighting, fleeing, freezing) can now hinder us in our everyday lives and relationships.” - Liz Burkholder